16 days until i am going to life in Weimar, a beautiful city in Thüringen. 

Finally I won’t have to life with my parents anymore, it will be awesome!  


On Friday I went out with my friends and there was this cute bartender and my friends gave him my number (what I would never do, simply because I don’t think anyone would want to have my number). And also I kind of thought they were joking, but well he took it and texted me the very same night oO  

Your welcome :D

"All of them say they wanna change
I hope that you remain the same
To show that this is not a game
Let’s end this tragedy today"
- The Cab 

The Cab Lyrics

"Sometimes to win
You’ve got to sin
Don’t mean I’m not a believer
And Major Tom
Will sing along
Yeah, they still say I’m a dreamer"
- Angel with a shotgun - The Cap 

The Cap Angel Sin Sinner or Saint